Stage 3 civil well underway

Stage 3 is nearing completion with services, bitumen and kerbs now completed within the stage. Footpath construction is now well underway with final service positioning and allotment trimming to be completed in early June 2019. Compliance with authority requirements and clearance of the land division will occur in June 2019. The land titling process will be undertaken through July with settlements likely to commence occurring from late in July into August.

We have also commenced shaping the main stormwater basin and open space areas adjacent to Stage 3. This single open space area will consist of approximately 1ha of land and provide a walking trail, picnic area and kick about space. We are excited about the design of this area and we look forward to sharing these designs with our current and future residents of Northridge.

Our new Terrace Living product, 5085, is also incorporated within Stage 3. With great views of the adjacent park, unique entertaining spaces and generous backyards, 5085 will provide a wonderful lifestyle for those who desire the vibrancy of urban living.

Stage 1 and 2 streetscape works have now been completed at Northridge, with an emerging canopy of street trees taking shape. We are also excited to see so many new home owners completing their own landscaping.

The new Fairmont Homes Display Village, located on Devon Street and at the entrance of Northridge, are nearly completed and we look forward to these new and exciting designs being opened during May 2019.

It is an exciting time at Northridge and we look forward to welcoming new residents soon.